Girl Tribe Gang – Cambridge Tribe

Launching 12th February 2019

I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Girl Tribe Gang to launch the Cambridge Tribe. 

I’ve worked for myself now for just over a year now and know that, whilst it’s rewarding, sometimes it can be lonely and a little overwhelming as there are so many decisions and you don’t always have some one to bounce your ideas off.

Girl Tribe Gang is all about changing that and creating a local community of bad ass business women that support and inspire each other.

The monthly meetings are all about friendly chats and sharing stories with like-minded ladies over a drink or two (so no elevator pitches needed!!🎉) .

There will be ‘Power Hours’ led by experts at each meeting but rather than long PowerPoint presentations they are all about sharing knowledge and are designed to empower and inspire.

Want to come along?!

Fabulous! I’d love to meet you.

The launch is taking place on the 12th February Browns, Cambridge and full deets on how to bag your ticket can be found by clicking here.