June Social Inspo

The great British Summer is upon us! Hurrah! 

So you can spend more time in the sun rather than fretting over what to post on social I have curated a list of some of the special dates that are coming up in June  

Pride Month 

The month of June was chosen as Pride month, during this time many pride events are held nationwide to commemorate the Stonewall riots and recognise the impact LGBT people have had in the world.

This year Pride in London are also running the  #PrideJubilee campaign which remembers fifty years of activism, protests and victories that have made the pride movement what it is today.

Celebrate by flying the pride flag colours on your website and social media channels or sharing snaps of your at the celebrations which are being held nationwide.

#pride #prideinlondon #pridejubilee

Special Weeks 

National Picnic Week – 14th 

Who doesn’t love a picnic!?! This week is an opportunity to share all your tips and recipes which go towards making the perfect picnic.

If you are a shop / bakery / deli think about pulling together a curated selection of picnic items and use the hashtags to promote.

#NationalPicnicWeek #PicnicWeek

Special Days 

National Fish and Chip Day – 7th 

Founded by in 2015 the idea behind this day is to bring everyone involved in creating this iconic British dish together. From fish and chip shops, pub chains, restaurants, retailers, celebrity chefs, to the fishermen and farmers who provide the sustainable and natural ingredients needed to create this family favourite.

Share pics of you enjoying your fave chippy dish or share the love and let your followers know the best place to enjoy fish and chips locally.


World Oceans Day – 8th

This day is all about celebrating the ocean and working together with your family, friends and community to start creating a better future for our planet and oceans.

There are events all over the UK from music gigs to beach cleans which you can get involved in alternatively you can simply share you fave ocean snaps or join the conversation online using the hashtags.

If you want to organise your own event lots of free resources are available here.

#WorldOceansDay #TogetherWeCan

Cupcake Day – 13th 

This day isn’t just about delightful cakes that go down well with a cuppa. It’s also about bring everyone together to support the Alzheimer’s Society and raise awareness and much needed funds for research, support services and care.

There are many ways to get involved and free fundraising kits are available here.

#CupcakeDay #UnitedAgainstDementia #AlzheimersSociety

National Beer Day – 15th 

Cheers to the beer lovers…this day is all about you.

To celebrate National Beer day raise a glass at 7pm on the 15th and say ‘Cheers to Beer’ and post a message on social media with the hashtag #CheersToBeer.

This is also a great opportunity to tag in your fave local pub or brewery and share that social media love.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day – 21st 

Time to get your doggo suited and booted as its bring your dog to work day. This is not only a great way to help destress the office environment – who can be mad when there are dogs around its also a great way to celebrate companion dogs and perhaps encourage adoptions by sharing your rescues story.


Well that’s a wrap hope that has given you some social inspo to add to your content calendar.  Don’t forget social media is all about being social so make sure you reply to any comments you have and most importantly get involved with conversation online where you can.

Need help with your social strategy and management? I can help head this way to find out more.


Podcasts – My Faves and Tips for Starting Your Own

From business advice and knowledge sharing to celebrity gossip there is a podcast out there for everyone to enjoy.

Admittedly I was a bit late to the podcast party, I didn’t start listening to them until Spring time last year, but now I listen to one pretty much every other day.

I love them for two main reasons

  1. When you work from home a lot its nice to have the sound of another human in the office with you, sometimes the radio just doesn’t cut it.
  2. There are so many out there and they cover a whole manner of subjects from careers and being a women in business to health and wellbeing and just for fun.

My faves at the moment


Thinking of Starting Your Own?

We all know that these days when it comes to content most of the time people are looking for quick ‘fix’ with the most successful video content being less than 30 seconds long.

Podcasts are different, they range in length anywhere between 20 mins to an hour. Research shows that despite this audiences are very engaged with approximately 80% listening to all of the episodes they begin.

If podcasting is something you want to try here are a few tips to help you:

Think about your subject matter

There are lots of different podcasts out there so think about what it going to make yours stand out from the crowd. It’ll also be a lot easier to plan episodes, your content and guests if you have a theme that you stick to.

Consistency is key 

As with most things the success of your podcast will be, in part, down to how consistently you publish your content. Set a schedule for when episodes will drop and if possible try to have a pattern to it so listeners will know when they can expect content.

Format and Setting the Scene

Having a format you stick to will help listeners know what to expect. Consider who your audience is going to be and what sort of format they would like to see and think about the tone so will it be really laid back chats, guest interviews or people speaking about topics they are passionate about.

Intros are a great way to essentially brand your podcast. An easy way of doing this is to ask your guests the same few quick fire questions each episode or just using the same intro music for each episode.


If you already have Adobe Creative Suite you can use Adobe Audition. Audition has been developed specifically for podcast production and editing and has number of fab tools you can use including noise-reduction, advanced compression and EQ.

Other great options include Audacity and Anchor both of which are free to use and give you lots of handy tips on tricks on making a success of your podcast.

Once you have your content ready to go you need to get it published on iTunes which can be done in less than an hour. Check out this post for a step by step guide.