How to market your event

You’ve chosen your theme, planned the programme for the day, booked your venue now it’s time for the easy part – getting people to your event. Gulp!

Event marketing can be a little daunting as there are so many things to consider but fear not, read on for some of my tactics and top tips for a successful event marketing campaign.

Pre Event 

Creative Design 

A creative design for all the communications flyers etc for your event can really help you stand out. After all there are a lot of competition when it comes to events these days, not super creative? Canva is a free design tool which can help you design all sizes of promotional material.  

Dedicated Event Webpage 

Before clicking the ‘buy tickets’ button most people like to take a look at the event in more detail, who’s speaking, the timetable and where they can stay nearby. Having all this information in one place will help your conversion figures, especially if people can buy tickets directly through your site (the less clicks the better).

If its a large event you may want to create a whole site, plus if you run the same event again you can just re-purpose the site. Alternatively you can an event discovery platform like  Eventbrite or Billetto, you’ll be able to out all the event info on the page and potential customers will be able to find your event using their event browsing features.

Press Release 

Bagged an amazing keynote speaker? Got some great seminars or pop ups stands at your event? A press release is a great way to shout all about it.

A good press release has a great headline, is just a few paragraphs long (about 300 to 400 words) and is very concise. So you’ll just want to include details of the event and a call to action, so visiting your website or calling you to buy tickets. 

When you are happy with you release send it over to your target press contacts, with a brief overview in the body of the email along with 1 or 2 relevant images they can use if they decide to run your story.  

When sending over press releases copy and paste them in to the body of the email, busy journalists are unlikely to open an attachment, 

Social Media 

Social media is a brilliant way to spread the word about your event, its cost effective and you can appeal to different demographics depending on which platform you use. 

Creating a hashtag for your event is a great way to create engagement throughout the whole campaign as not only can you use it for your promo posts but your attendees can also use it to shout about the event to. Before you settle on a hashtag do some research to ensure that its not being used by anyone else. 


On the run up to an event running a giveaway is a great way to create a buzz. You can run the competition yourself via or partner with a local magazines or newspaper. Most publications add these competitions to their website so you can leverage their visitor count and database.  

Keynote Speakers 

If you have keynote speakers at your event get them to promote the event via their social media channels and their database, it might help you reach a demographic you hadn’t considered beforehand.  

Does your keynote speaker have a podcast? Perhaps they can give your event some coverage on there to. 


Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive there are many cost effective ways of advertising your event…

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) with PPC you can set a budget, geographical location and also keywords to target. For an event I would say PPC works best if you have a dedicated event website but you can also link the ads to the ticket purchase page to. 
  • Leaflet drops can be seen as a little ‘old school’ but they are a cost effective way of mass marketing.  Once you have a stand out flyer design you work with your distribution house to reach your target market. (e.g families, affluent consumers etc) 
  • Local press and radio can be surprisingly inexpensive ways to advertise and depending on the type of event will sometimes give coverage for free or include an editorial piece in with their advertising costs. Depending on the type of event you are running you could also consider inviting local journalists to attend in return for a review in the local paper.     
  • Promoted social posts can help you reach a wider online audience, you don’t have to have a large budget and if you want to keep it simple you can just promote tweets you have already created as part of your campaign.


With most email distribution channels its easy to create a beautifully designed email to support your event marketing campaign. Don’t send too many on the run up to the event as you don’t want to annoy your potential event goers but sending an update of new speakers you have booked or showcasing the pop-ups that will be there is a great way to build momentum. 

In most cases you can also set your email platform to send automated ‘thanks for your purchase’ emails which gives a professional feel and takes something off your list of things to do. hurrah! 

Haven’t got any data? Not to worry in most cases email platforms have a list builder feature which encourages website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. Check out Mail Chimp for some great examples.

At the Event 

Local Influcencers 

Working with Influencers is a great way to boost your marketing and build your brand. In terms of events its a great way to showcase your event from the perspective of an attendee. 

You could get them to do a takeover of one of your social media channels, post content from their channels tagging your accounts or even publish an event review blog post or vlog. If you work with the influencers pre-event to it could help boost attendance 


The task of keeping attendees engaged doesn’t stop when the event starts in addition to the great seminars, speakers, acts you have planned there are also a few extra things you can do to keep the excitement levels high.  

  • Use social media throughout the day (don’t forget that event hashtag) RT attendees comments, replying where needed and using posts to remind people of what is going on (to save you time you could schedule these using Hootsuite). You could also go live at key points throughout the day.
  • Polls are a great way to keep event audiences engaged. is a great option for this as they have lots of pricing levels. You can also use this tool to get the crowd to send in their questions for keynote Q&A’s. 

Post Event 


The event may be over but how do you know it was a success? Surveys are a great tool to measure the overall success of your event. Whilst ticket sales are a strong indication, if  attendees didn’t enjoy the event as a whole its unlikely they will book again in the future. 

Use the survey to see how you compared against the KPI’s you set for the event and gain valuable feedback on everything from the speakers to the venue. 

Survey Monkey is a great tool for this as its easy to use, there are different price plans and you can customise the survey to match your brand.  

Phew well that was a long post so thanks for bearing with, hope you found some of my tips and tricks useful. Don’t forget if you need help with your event marketing don’t hesitate to get in touch

Future Shapers Live Event

Future Shapers Live – 2018

On the 9th June I headed over to Sofitel, London St James for the Marie Claire Future Shapers Live event. 

The theme for the day was playing to your strengths and the programme was jam packed full of interesting and inspirational women speakers. 

I hadn’t been to one of these events before so wasn’t really sure what to expect but; it was fabulous to spend the day with like-minded people and I came away feeling super inspired and with a head and notepad full of ideas.

Opening Keynote 

The day kicked off with a keynote panel session with Trish Halpin (Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire), Rosena Allin-Khan (Labour MP for Tooting), Brita Fernandez Schmidt (Executive Director of Women For Women International), Victoria Pendleton (Olympic champion and jockey) and Stephanie Phair (Chief Strategy Officer for Farfetch). The conversation focused on what the workplace looks like now, their personal experiences and how we can set ourselves up for success in what we want to achieve.  

All of the women on the stage had amazing stories to tell and showcased the sheer determination to achieve their personal goals without losing sight of who they were and what was driving them to succeed. 

One of the main things I took from the session was to not let setbacks or other peoples negativity deter you from what you want to achieve. 

“when a door closes, find a window with a crack in it and smash through the window” Rosena Allin-Khan

Breakout Session – Starting a Business from Scratch  

There were three breakout sessions to choose from but I felt this session was most relevant for me as Marketing Mixology is a relatively new venture. 

The session was facilitated by Tracy Ramsden of Marie Claire with panellists Pavan Ahluwalia (Pavan Henna), Anna Gibson (Micro Scooters UK) and Rachael Flanagan (Mrs Bucket Cleaning). The panel had down to earth honest advice and although all three businesses were very different the advice coming from all three was very similar – seize any opportunities that come your way, build relationships and focus on your passion. 

“you’re learning lessons all the time, you need to look at your mistakes and figure out how you are going to solve them and avoid them next time” Rachael Flanagan

Lunchtime Inspiration Talk – Aimee Bateman

Aimee’s passion for what she does really shone through in this session which focused on finding your ‘why?’. We were all encouraged to take a step back and think about why we are doing what we do, really breaking it down so you could see what makes you tick. 

This session also encouraged us to get to know ourselves a bit better to help create an authentic personal brand.  My favourite bit of the session was thinking of three words to describe yourself (mine were empathetic, honest and loyal) this task really got you thinking about your personality and what makes you tick.   

‘The biggest prison we live in is the fear of what other people think – if we change that mindset, we can be whatever we want to be” Aimee Bateman 

Afternoon Session – The Power of You 

This was the session I was most looking forward to as it was all about harnessing your individuality for career success. 

Again facilitated by Tracy Ramsden (who was amazing throughout the whole day), the panel were Emma Gannon (author and podcaster), Coral Garlick (Brand Me Collective) and Jasmine Hemsley (wellbeing expert, chef and author). 

I really liked that all three panellists had different personalities and careers as I felt everyone in the audience will have related to at least one person on the stage in one way or another. 

The conversation was very much around owning who you are and being as authentic as possible which is important regardless of whether you are working for yourself or a business. 

It was great to hear Emma say that you don’t need to do everything at once as I think sometimes you can put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect at work, life and everything in-between. I also really like she is leading the charge on changing the view on being a jack of all trades, as you can pick up such diverse skills in the workplace now it a shame to pigeonhole yourself in to just one job.  

There was also more spiritual side of the conversation to and as someone who has a vision board it was lovely to hear Jasmine talking about manifesting and putting out what you want in to the universe. 

“Own that you can be good at multiple things” Emma Gannon

Afternoon Session – Boost Your Profile 

The focus of this session was all about building your personal brand and although I feel it was aimed at people who work from themselves the topics covered and advice given could easily help people working in organisations to. 

Facilitated by Marie Claire’s, Lucy Pavia (also super amazing!) the panellists were Purvi Farahi (J&J Consumer) Olivia Wollenberg (Livia’s Kitchen) and Hollie de Cruz (London Hypnobirthing). 

Purvi had some excellent advice for networking and finding a person you aspire to be and finding out how they got where they are, but the main messages were to have no fear and ask for help if you need it. 

Olivia and Hollies passion for what they do really shone through and it was fabulous to hear of businesses that started in their homes becoming such a success. The key being the amazing customer service they provide and that they are essentially the brand and the driving force despite the grow both businesses have seen. 

“Love what you do, it will help you to grow your business organically” Olivia Wollenberg 

Closing Keynote 

For the closing session Trish was joined by Alesha Dixon (eek!) – thankfully I managed to resist the urge to sing any Mystique songs at the top of my voice. 

Alesha came across as really a really genuine person and was very honest about the highs and lows she has faced during her career. The story about her moment on Strictly when she knew everything was going to be o.k was lovely and did put a little lump in my throat. 

Confidence and fearlessness radiated from Alesha and she approaches everything wish such tenacity and that was my main takeaway from this session and is something I am going to try and bring to my everyday life. 

“The universe only wants good things for us – you just have to be fearless.” Alesha Dixon


As well as fabulous talks there were fab pop ups where we could go and be glammed up and pampered. 

As you can imagine these freebies were in high demand but I manged to sneak in and get a hand massage which was incredible and a lovely hair stylist  from Headmasters gave me an infinity braid which I am desperately trying to re-create at home.

On the way out all delegates were handed what I can only describe as an epic goodie bag full of skincare, haircare, make up and other treats. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost facial serum is delightful!!  

All in all it was an amazing day and I will definitely be booking tickets for next years show and who knows maybe one year I’ll be speaking at the event *puts this on vision board and starts making plans on how to get there*

Empowered Women, Empower Women