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In the words of that Justin Timberlake – it’s gonna be May!

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To help you with your social posts here are my top picks of the special days / weeks that are coming up over the next month. 

Special Weeks 

National Doughnut Week – 11th 

This special week isn’t just about our fave squidgy snack it’s also about raising awareness and funds for The Childrens Trust. There are lots of ways to get involved like organising a doughnut day for your colleagues or friends or by simply treating yourself at one of the participating bakeries. #NationalDoughnutWeek

Mental Health Awareness Week – 13th 

Founded by the Mental Health Foundation Mental Health Awareness Week has been shining a light on mental health since 2001. This year the theme is Body Image and looking at how we think and feel about our bodies. It’s super easy to get involved, simply post a picture of a time or a place when you felt comfortable in your own skin, use the hashtags #BeBodyKind and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and also tag @mentalhealthfoundation on Instagram and Facebook or @mentalhealth on Twitter.

National Vegetarian Week – 13th 

Join in by sharing your fave veggie recipes or choose one of the activities over on the Vegetarian Societies page to get involved in. Restaurant or café? Share any special dishes you have planned at the start of the month to gain some momentum ahead of the week. #NationalVegetarianWeek

English Wine Week – 25th 

Chin chin! Whether you sell, serve or just like a tipple now and again its really easy to get involved with this week. Simply share your pics and use the hashtag #EnglishWineWeek.

National BBQ Week – 27th 

As well as being a pastime some of us like to enjoy when the weather heats up, BBQ is also a huge food trend so much so that it has its own week. Get involved by sharing your fave BBQ creations or recipes. #NationalBBQWeek

Special Days

Star Wars Day – 4th 

If you are a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise today is your say to shine, share pics of your fave characters, quotes or memorabilia. #StarWarsDay #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

May Day – 6th 

May Day is not just a bank holiday. In England it is said to be a time when people celebrate the coming of summer traditions include the crowning a May Queen and dancing around a maypole. However you choose to celebrate make sure you use the hashtags #MayDay19 #MayDay #MayBankHoliday

World Fairtrade Day – 11th 

Organised by the World Fair Trade Organisation, the aim of the day is to celebrate Fair Trade and encourage choosing Fair Trade goods. If you supply or stock Fair Trade goods this is a great day to get involved with and perhaps think about sharing the story of the items on social to. #LiveFair #FairTradeDay

World Meditation Day – 15th 

This day is all about celebrating the benefits of meditation. Share you tips for meditation, your meditation journey or even details of any apps to tools you use.  #WorldMeditationDay #Meditation 

International Museums Day – 18th 

Coordinated by ICOM the goal of this day is to is to raise awareness of museums. This year the theme is Museums as Cultural Hubs and will focus on how museums have the power to establish dialogue between cultures by sharing knowledge. Head to museums a lot? Share some info about your favourite collection and why. #InternationalMuseumsDay

World Turtle Day – 23rd 

In its 17th year this day is all about shellebrating Turtles (I know couldn’t resist the pun!). Share your pics or turtle facts or if you are feeling generous think about adopting a turtle. #WorldTurtleDay 

Late May Bank Holiday – 27th 

Whether it’s a scorcher or a washout share how you are spending your 2nd Bank Holiday of the month with your followers. #MayBankHoliday #BankHoliday

National Biscuit Day – 29th

Share what you fave biccie is for dunking or crunching with your followers today. Baker? Think about sharing a recipe or even a little ‘how to’ video via stories. #NationalBiscuitDay 

Hope you enjoyed my short round up for May. Don’t forget social media is all about being social so make sure you reply to any comments you have and most importantly get involved with conversation online where you can.

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