Creating a Cracking Customer Experience

Sorry for the pun but Easter is on its way and I’m already excited about it.

This post is dedicated to something I really care about –  creating fabulous customer experiences.

Regardless of what service or product you supply it’s the experience you provide your customers with that keeps them coming back for more.

It’s important to get that experience right both on and offline, so here are a few tips and ideas on how to get it right.

Your Virtual Storefront 

This might sound a bit obvious but we can all be guilty of not updating our websites on a regular basis. So take a look at your website and make sure that all the content is current, up to date and relevant to your target customers.

It’s really important that using your site and viewing the content you have is a pleasure not a chore so make sure your copy is easy to read (try not to use too much techy speak) and use clear fonts.

I know this may not be possible if you are selling a service but add in images where you can. Humans are very visual creatures and we love to see images of what we are buying.

Research has proved that attractive product imagery makes people feel like product is easy to use.

When you have developed your own site and content you can become a little blind to it’s content, ask a friend to review it for you and go through the buying experience. This will then help you to identify any pressure points and fix them.

IRL Shopfronts

If you have a physical shop make sure that is always tidy and well presented and that any staff are engaging and welcoming.

It’s all about balance though nobody likes to feel ‘stalked’ in a shop so make sure people have space to breathe and browse.

Think about how much stock you have out, sometimes less is more and having just a few items of stock out creates an exclusive feel and could encourage people to buy as they won’t want to miss out.

Make sure your items are clearly priced as having to ask might put off some customers. 

Get Social 

Social forms a huge part of most small businesses marketing strategy. It’s also a great way to enhance the customer experience.

Use your channel(s) to post authentic content that is true to your brand, so your customers can get a feel for your and your personality.

I know that you may get a huge amount of comments but try to reply back to all the questions asked and also engage with other comments to help you to build a rapport with your followers.

Think about creating a hashtag for customers / clients / guests to use when they are using your product or service, not only with this give you some great user generated content but it also shows your customer that you are interested in seeing them using / styling your product or using your services.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered 

Always deliver on time, there is nothing worse than getting a ‘your item has been dispatched’ email and then not receiving what you have ordered for ages.

If you are selling a product think about how you package it the unboxing element forms a huge part of the experience. Think about using branded stickers to close the package, invest in nice boxes, add in a handwritten note thanking them for their business or if you are feeling generous pop in a voucher for money off their second order.

Make sure you think about the environment to – don’t overdo it on the packaging and think about finding  fully recyclable options to. 

For services think about how you want your customers to feel once the service has been delivered. Perhaps send a ‘closing’ email advising them of how lovely it was to work with them again perhaps offering a discount on their next order.

Just checking in … 

Show your customers and clients some love after the purchase. Check in on them and see if they are happy and if there is anything you could do better. This will help you shape you services offering and will most likely lead to you receiving a fab testimonial you can use for your marketing going forwards.

Think about setting up a customer satisfaction survey to email out to your clients / customers. There are some great options on Survey Monkey and Google Forms.

These are just a few ideas but this is really a great chance to create an experience that is unique to your brand. Getting it right will not only have your customers excited to use you again but also recommend you to others to.

If you need help with any aspect of your customer experience or strategy please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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