Writing captivating content

Copywriting is one of the most important parts of your marketing, its on your website, social posts and printed marketing materials. 

So how can you make sure that you are keeping it engaging enough to draw the reader in and respond to your call to action?  

Structure for skimming

We’re all busy so we tend not to read things in their entirety. To draw your reader in firstly ensure the focus is on them and what the benefits of your service / product are and what it means for them. 

Keep your copy concise, use clear headings and set the scene with an attention grabbing introductory sentence or two. 

Top load your content with all of your important messages so that even if your reader doesn’t finish reading they get the gyst of the message you are trying to convey. 

Easy AF to read

Back in the 90’s Jakob Nielsen published some research about how people read website copy.  His research revealed that essentially we don’t tend to fully read what we are looking at. Instead we tend to scan the top to or three lines, then scan the left hand side and occasionally look further along at bold text and images. Creating an F Shape. 

To write effectively online write a clear heading (preferably in bold or perhaps a different colour) and make sure your value proposition is one of the first things they see. 

Divide the copy using sub headings and white space taking care to front load each section with the key information you wish to convey first.  Then use bullet points (stick to a maximum of 5 points), links, bold text and images to draw the readers attention to other important information.  

Another great tool when you’re writing online is the Flesch reading measure which reviews how difficult copy is to read

Don’t use too many Acronyms 

It can be easy to forget that some of your readers may not be as ‘techy’ as you are. Make sure you speak your readers language and limit the use of acronyms. If you need to use them make sure you add in what they stand for somewhere in to your document.  

Put your personality in to it

People buy people so make sure you put some personality in to what you are writing. Not all brands suit a ‘hey, hows it going’ type vibe so make sure you consider your brand values and the reader when you are writing. 



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