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Something a little different …

We all know that advertising forms a big part of how you grow your audience and reach your target markets.

In this digital era PPC, social media and email tend to dominate campaigns, but sometimes it pays to try something a little different. Here are 5 advertising ideas that can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Please, Please Mister Postman …

As the most popular way to contact people is by email a creative and targeted piece of direct mail can really stand out.

Try getting creative with the look and feel of the mailer using different shapes or print finishes and a call to action that really catches the eye.

If you’re on a budget you could try something more cost effective like sending over a packet of biccies and couple of tea bags along with a letter explaining more about what you do and asking to pop in for a cuppa and talk to them about it a bit more.

Let me give you my card … 

Even though we are all trying to be as paper free as possible business cards are still very popular. 

Why not think about a creative design for your cards or even use the back of the card to advertise a special offer, an upcoming event or showcase your products with a stunning image and a catchy slogan. 

Need some inspo? You can check out some super creative business card designs here.

Going underground

Is your target demographic London based? Advertising on the tube is a great way to reach your audience, especially as nearly five million passenger journeys are made daily.

Some studies show that tube ads get more positive engagement than social media ads with commuters finding them a welcome distraction.  

To ensure your ad makes an impact you’ll need a catchy strap-line and image(s) and if your brand guidelines allow it perhaps a cheeky joke or pun to grab the attention.

Release your inner Banksy

Street art is a great guerrilla marketing tactic and can really grab people’s attention, plus if you get it right you could gain a lot of coverage on social media.

Its also relatively cost effective as you’ll just need the materials, the help of a local artist and an area of your shop front, restaurant that you can paint on.

If possible create a piece of art that people want to be part of or have their picture taken with (like the angel wings outside of Redeption Bar in Shoreditch). Something like this will not only help you get coverage on social media but also more footfall to your premises as people will want to see it.    

Include a hashtag somewhere in the design which people can see and also use when uploading images to their social media accounts. You can then use it for your social media strategy to. 

The BIG screen

Whilst this may be a little more spendy (o.k i know that’s not a word) cinema is a great way of advertising your business.

Campaigns can be targeted by a demographic profile based on the cinemas geographic location of and unlike radio ads is not reliant on great frequency to have effect.

If you have a good quality ad seeing it just once should bring in some good results as the cinema audience is so engaged at the time of seeing it.

Don’t have a big product budget? Not all ads need to be a blockbuster with a celeb voice over, in some cinemas you can use a simply designed slideshow. Just make sure you get creative with your artwork and calls to action.

Want to advertise your business but aren’t sure where to start? Whether you want a digital campaign or want to keep it traditional I can create and deliver the perfect campaign for your needs.

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