Under the Influence

Influencer marketing is a great way to build your online brand.

On average people spend about two hours day on social media so it’s no wonder more brands are using  influencer marketing to promote their products and services

Facts and figures … 

Last year (2017) saw influencer marketing really take off with around 86% of marketers incorporating it in to their marketing strategy.  Of these marketers 92% of them found it to be an effective marketing tool with reports of over 600% ROI being achieved. (amazing!).

So why does it work so well? Well when it comes to influencers approximately 88% of consumers say they trust their reviews of products and services as much as they would trust a recommendation from a friend. I personally feel this is because the accounts are so authentic and allow followers in to their day to day lives people feel like they know them really well even if they haven’t met.

Nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer

Choosing the right influencer 

To get the best results you first need to consider your customer base, check all of your social channels to see which one are you getting the best engagement on. Then consider the main goals of your campaign e.g. customer acquisition, brand awareness or purchases

Once you have this key information you can start looking for an influencer.

As a rule of thumb its best to look at influencers that are popular on the platform that the majority of your customers use. This will help you get the best engagement and return on investment. 

To find the influencers that are best aligned to your brand you can use social listening tools (Sprout Social is a great one) see what relevant trending hashtags there are and who is contributing to them. Check out any social media communities that are relevant to your brand to see who are the most active members. If you have a B2B marketing strategy its a good idea to take a look at relevant industry publications and see who is regularly featured. 

Sometimes its good to work with smaller influencers 

Don’t forget it’s not just about the amount of followers (followers can be purchased)  content needs to be engaging and they need to be authentic and relate to your brand and in turn your customers.

In the past I have worked with influencers that have a smaller followship as their content was amazing and so well aligned with the customers. This campaign still saw incredible results (uplift in purchases by 20%) and also formed the basis of a great relationship with some influencers who have grown in popularity since.   

Its not just for B2C marketing … there is a huge amount of business influencers out there to. LinkedIn 

Working together 

When approaching an influencer remember that they get approached on a daily basis so keep your initial contact polite and brief but give enough detail about how you want to work with them. 

It’s worth bearing in mind that some social influences have a full-time job as well so give them a day or two to come back to you. 

Opportunities need to be beneficial to both parties. One of my tips would be to make sure that you either ask for a rate card or offer some form of remuneration in addition to freebies. Exposure doesn’t pay the bills and being asked to work for free is the bug bear of a lot of influencers.  

In terms of the projects you could look at an Instagram takeover at an event you are hosting, a blog review of your products or services or simply a few posts showcasing them wearing or using your products.

As the relationship grows you can work with the influencer to piece together more creative campaigns such as look books, videos or an IGTV broadcast.   

Always be clear about what content is paid / sponsored to your audience  

Need help with an influencer marketing campaign? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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